Thursday, January 19, 2012

List of some of the Nominees for the National Bravery Award 2012, 24 children to get National Bravery Awards in 2012

List of some of the Nominees for the  National Bravery Award  2012, 24 children to get National Bravery Awards in 2012

National Bravery Award Info.

National Bravery Award for Indian Children is given each year by Government of India and Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW), to Indian children for meritorious acts of bravery against all odds. This awars ig given to the children below the age of 16 years. The Government of India announced reservation of some seats in Medical and Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics for the winners of the award.

List of Awards elected as National Bravery Award

Bharat Award
Sanjay Chopra Award
Geeta Chopra Award
Bapu Gayadhani Award
National Bravery Award

List of some of the Nominees for the award ceremony 

Bapu Gaidhani Award Winner's 2012
Adithya Gopal from Arunachal Pradesh
Anjali Singh Gautam from Chhattisgarh

Geeta Chopra and Sanjay Chopra Awards Winner's 2012
Om Prakash Yadav from Uttar Pradesh
Mittal Patadiya from Gujarat

Winner will receive which include a cash prize of Rs.40,000 each respectively. The amount given to awardees till last year was Rs.10,000 in the category.

National Bravery Award-2009 winner

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